(HR & Immigration Management)


HrONE automates each step of your HR/Immigration process from employee on-boarding to immigration visa processing  (data capture , validation & verification, checklist,  status monitoring, and reminders, PAF, letters & forms with effective risk management).

Key Features

  • Automated data capture
  • Automated data validation & verification
  • Automated Risk Assessment & Predictive Analytics
  • Automated Letters & Forms generation
  • Automated Document Linking
  • Automated Case Document Assembly
  • Collaboration with clients/partners

Key Benefits

  • Handle large caseload in less time
  • Better collaboration & compliance
  • Improve approval rate
  • Reduces case filing effort/cost
  • Minimizes dependency on domain expertise (HR/Legal)

HR management has various modules - LinkDocs, LetterGenerator, Forms Generator, Reminders Management, Tasks Management, Checklist Template Management, Users Security Management, Master List Management, Address Book

On-boarding automation

  • Onboard multiple employees with simple import csv file or by sending an email invitation to your employees or attorneys
  • Employee self service system with automation to reduce interaction with HR department
  • System will automatically audit the on-boarding/visa checklist whether HR team has all required docs, if not system will send an auto-alert to an employee
  • Reduces manual effort and increases data accuracy, the system will automatically capture key data from the uploaded documents for on-boarding or for creating a visa case initiation from various types of documents (word, pdf, images).
  • Simply Upload LCA File, system auto-generates and maintains your PAF (Public Access Files) with either system provided templates or your own custom templates as per your/client requirements
  • Complete and manage all HR documents digitally such as i-9, w4 etc. at one place, information at your figure tips
  • Manage employee’s HR and immigration information
  • Document Automation & Management

HR & Immigration Compliance

  • Assign, monitor employee's tasks (HR, Legal, Technical for all departments)
  • Auto-generate Organization charts for all or selected employees based on the supervisor hierarchy to meet immigration support document requirements
  • Auto-generate and maintain your PAF (Public Access Files) with either system provided templates or your own custom templates as per your requirements
  • Auto verify employee’s university accreditation & CAP/advanced degree eligibility
  • Auto-generate Organization charts for all or selected employees based on the supervisor hierarchy to meet immigration support document requirements

Case Scanner

  • Auto compare consistency among - resume, job description, client letter, vendor letter, complexity of duties etc to reduce RFE and improve case approvals
  • System constantly validates and verifies data entered with documents, between documents for data accuracy and consistency across all documents during case life cycle
  • System automatically compares documents (e.g LCA vs offer letter vs agreement etc.) to check the information consistency and compliance

Link Documents

  • Bulk upload LCAs and system automatically match/link LCA to case or case to LCA
  • Bulk upload any Govt/USCIS notice and system will automatically match/link the document to case/beneficiary/client, creates auto-reminder, auto-prepres email to send it to petitioner/beneficiary

Forms Generator

  • Auto generates govt. PDF forms for immigration and non-immigration petitions (H1B, H4, GC etc.)
  • Complete form offline or online or hybrid

Users Security Management

  • Manage your users
  • Manage roles (e.g HR, paralegal, attorney etc.)
  • Manage system features level permission access for each role

Master List Management

  • Manage master lists to customize the dropdown lists on the application screens with your own terminology

Address book

  • Manage contacts of your team and clients/partners/prospects

Document Assembly

  • Document assembler for final case filing, merges all documents (irrespective of uploaded file types such as pdf, word, images), it will merge all documents into one document as per the predefined order or user can change order before merging.
  • Supports various types of documents such as word, pdf, images.

Letter Generator

  • You can build your own custom templates or to use pre-built templates
  • Create your own letter templates and email templates
  • Options to manually or automatically generate letters based on the system templates or your own custom letter/email templates
  • Auto-generate offer letters, offer agreements, support letters, cover letters, PAF docs etc based on the case
  • Send emails using email templates

Tasks Management

  • Create tasks manually or automaticallyxxxx
  • Create, assign, review employee's tasks
  • View tasks based on various filters

Checklist Template Management

  • Manage your own customized checklists based on your requirement
  • Checklists template management (e.g on boarding checklist, h1b visa documents checklist etc)

System Security

  • Security: 2 Factor authentication (sign-in and send one-time password to email/phone), encrypted database and encrypted file storage system, TLS encrypted communication between your users and server (next version of SSL), time based secured document urls.